The closer we get to achieving our dream, the closer we are to the true reason for living.
Viña Tvelda's origins could be no other than Ribera del Duero (Burgos), a spectacular and important place in Spain's long winemaking history, accompanied by the great influence of the Duero and Esgueva Rivers.

There, our winery was born in 1998 with a truly special dream: to recover the characteristic authenticity that dwells in old Castilian wines. Our unwavering love for tradition and our land are what run through the fine red grapes at Viña Tvelda.


Viña Tvelda's personality is threefold:
Authenticity: Our single-mindedness only lets us recover true, genuine wines. Wines that speak for themselves of their origin, their land, their history. No gimmicks. Simply, an authentic D.O. Ribera del Duero.

Identity: You will find no better reds than these due to the influence of the Esgueva River, the favorite son of the Duero.

Attention to every detail: We stay true to the tradition of caring for every detail. The craftsman's love for his creation is what we strive for in our wines.


Our respect for tradition and culture of wine starts in the vineyard.
The red wines from Viña Tvelda come from more than 60 acres of old vines spread across different estates: La Corva, La Arroyada, Blancares, Muradales, Regajo, Chorro la Carrona and Carranguix The variety you'll find here is Tempranillo (our "Tinta Fina"). The mainly clay-lime soils infuse our wines with their unique complexity and personality. Terroir is a key sign of expression, elegance and personality that is transmitted to the fruit. Vines here are planted bush-style (following the traditional system) or trained on trellises. Pruning is done in the Cordon Royat system. The distance between vines is 80 centimeters; the high density of vines per acre ensures lower yield per vine but gives better quality grapes.


A winery in the form of a craftsman's workshop
The Viña Tvelda winery is at the top of the Villatuelda Wineries Road, its anchored gates watching over the new winery.

The Winery’s design respects traditional local architecture and is surrounded by briars and ancient adobe buildings with an impressive thousand-year-old winery in the cellar below.

In this workshop we find a fermentation area with stainless steel tanks, a malolactic fermentation area and our crianza aging area. Here we walk amongst barrels of American and French oak, toasted differently and where all our efforts rest in absolute silence. Only this way can we achieve perfect development or crianza for our wines.

Our Wines


Viña Tvelda Crianza

Wine made from the tinta fina variety (100%) and from vines more than 40 years old. Aging in French and American oak casks. Malolactic fermentation in casks.

Viña Tvelda Reserva

Made of the tina fina variety (100%) and grapes from vines that are 40-50 years old. Aged more than 20 months in French oak casks. Malolactic fermentation in casks.

Viña Tvelda Roble

Variety: 100% tinta fina. Touches of spices with notes of fruitiness. Cool in the mouth, balanced tannins from the 6 months of aging in casks. A very clear personality of Ribera de Duero wines.

Viña Tvelda Vendimia

Variety: 100% tinta fina. Intense in color, abundantly fresh aroma and a fine, friendly taste. Well-balanced and harmonious. Prototypical Ribera de Duero wine.


100% tinta fina. Modern and unique. With Aelis Joven and Aelis Crianza we have wished to make a modern, one-of-a-kind wine, closer to its fruit; in other words, the grape, the land and the environment (fruit trees, bushes, aromatic herbs); it all adds up to closer to nature.


100% tinto fino 18 months in cask. Vegamián is our homage wine. A full-bodied wine, elegant and balanced, in which you will find delicious and abundant notes. Made from 100% tinto fino grapes from beautiful twisted old vines.


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